Tools and resources to facilitate compliance with the Forest Code

Consumer Goods Forum

Consumer Goods Forum is a global network that brings together some of the world’s largest companies. It recommends the exclusion of the purchase of soy produced in illegally deforested lands, and that companies only buy soy with certifications guaranteeing production according to the Forest Code.


Sojaplus is a transparent and participatory rural property management program, at the national level, to meet market demands for sustainable products. Support for environmental regularization takes place through workshops for capacity development and guidance to producers. Sojaplus provides a visual map of the states participating in the program.

Supply Change

Supply Change is a data collection and profile building platform that tracks the commitments and progress of public and private sector organizations towards eliminating deforestation caused by: palm, soy, timber and livestock. Users can do a search by industry and select companies profiled by topics such as commodity commitments, commitment targets and procurement policies.