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Question F1.4, 2019: For your disclosed commodity(ies), indicate if you collect data regarding your own compliance and/or the compliance of your suppliers with the Brazilian Forest Code.
Question F1.7, 2019: Has your organization experienced any detrimental forests-related impacts?
Question F1.7a, 2019: Describe the forests-related detrimental impacts experienced by your organization, your response, and the total financial impact.
Question F2.1, 2019: Does your organization undertake a forests-related risk assessment?
Question F3.1, 2019: Have you identified any inherent forests-related risks with the potential to have a substantive financial or strategic impact on your business?
Question F4.1, 2019: Does your organization have a policy that includes forests-related issues?
Question F6.3, 2019: Do you have traceability system(s) in place to track and monitor the origin of your disclosed commodity(ies)?